*Made in the USA*

Aerotech Radiant Panels

Aero Tech Manufacturing is a company that has a goal to become successful by providing quality services at competitive costs. With over 40 years in the industry many things have changed but the goal remains. Aero Tech works closely with precision sheet metal, precision welding, production finishes, electrical controls, and electromechanical assembly and test. At Aero Tech it starts with their first contact and continues through the fabrication process.

With the belief that quality products start with quality personnel and that having attributes required for performance or accomplishment Aero Tech has provided a vast array of services to a wide variety of industries.

Solid State Heating

*Made in the USA*

Solid State Heating Corporation

SSHC has a goal to produce and distribute the most efficient electric radiant heating systems available for ceilings, walls, floors, and snowmelting applications plus a broad selection of controls appropriate for each specific system.

SSHC produces and distributes electric radiant heating systems and is the pioneer of ENERJOY heatmodules. With belief that all heating systems should be specified in concert with building design and components SSHC provides local occupant thermal comfort with the most energy efficient heating systems.

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